About Me

Be still and know that I Am - Psalm 46:10

Ellen Drews M.A.

I chose this coaching path in response to an evolving and persisting call in my heart and soul. I am honored and privileged to work alongside women who choose to heal and grow. I am witness to the pain, transformation and joy often experienced while holding liminal space with clients.

Liminal space is that transformative space between who we were and who we are yet to be. It is a space where we defy the inevitable, transition, grow, heal, and then transform. Examples of liminal time are the postnatal period, just after a serious diagnosis, early stages of recovery from trauma, early addiction recovery, and/or experiencing a recent relational betrayal or loss. Navigating this critical space requires genuine empathy and support. As a coach, my role is helping others reorient themselves to choices and change once thought inconceivable and then to build a new, lifelong resilience.

As a woman of faith, pursuing and striving to understand it through community, family, friends, and clients, I learn and grow every day. My personal healing is deeply rooted in my Christian faith. As a professional coach, I will meet you where you are with your faith and spirituality. How you grow is entirely up to you. I am a Certified Life Coach who holds several certifications that have prepared me for the women with whom I work. I have a master’s degree in Theology and Pastoral Ministry. I have spent over a decade in the realm of social work and addiction recovery. For twenty-three years I have been a spiritual co-pilot, best friend and partner in all aspects of life to my spouse. I am the mother of three delightful and unique teenagers. Of any occupation, volunteer work, ministry or calling; the role of “Momma” is the one for which I am most grateful.

Like other brave souls, I have experienced a life in crisis. I sought a therapist specializing in addiction and trauma recovery. This therapist was well equipped to support a very comprehensive healing. I found a coach trained in trauma healing. She provided a safe and nurturing environment to shepherd me through the pain. They both taught me how to heal, and they both provided critical spiritual direction. I was supported to grieve and to process several parts of my life, and I was encouraged to heal all the wounded and abandoned parts of myself. I found an entire community of women with aspirations for personal growth. We committed to self-reflection and we supported one another as we practiced our new skills. The result of working recovery has blessed me with a healthy marriage. I show up for my children wholeheartedly. As a family, we have embraced healing and we are breaking unhealthy patterns that have persisted for generations. My life includes tremendous gratitude, compassion, intimacy and joy.

My career paths and ministry work have provided vast opportunities to hold sacred space in the most vulnerable and spiritual circumstances. For example, I have worked with hospice and the actively dying, and with prenatal women and the newly born. I am especially dedicated to helping those whose lives have been impacted by addiction. I am passionate about encouraging and supporting others to live meaningful lives. It is an honor and privilege to join those on a journey of growth.

My Experience

MA Theology and Pastoral Ministry

BA World Religion and Philosophy 

Certified Life Coach

Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional PSAP

Certified Partner Coach Candidate

Advanced Certified Lactation Counselor

Board Member of There’s Still Hope Recovery and Restoration Ministry

Founded by Mark and Beth Denison

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